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Do what others won't!

BE Your Best Self - Even in times of change...

No excuses!

Today’s article is about keeping yourself motivated, on the move and active which all help towards making you Better!

We all want to go further than the next person, be better than everyone else on the court - but how many of us are willing to do what it takes to get there?

How many of you even understand what it takes?!

The way I see it... it’s very simple: to get where others don’t, you have to do what they are not willing to do! So if you want to be stronger; work harder/smarter than others do and go to the gym at times when others are resting. You want to have better grades or get into a better School or University? Well… study more than everyone else, study while they sleep, while they go out, while they socialise. You want be a better basketball player? Look for ways to practice while others look for excuses! Unfortunately there’s always a lot happening around us that we cannot control. That won’t change. But you CAN control what you do with YOUR time and resources.

And let me tell you something, if you have a ball, a passion for basketball and some minutes in the day, you have eveything you need to get better. Now you just have to choose to act on it! For next few days/weeks we unfortunately won’t have our normal practice sessions, BUT you CAN still practice. Even if you don’t have a hoop. Basketball goes way beyond shooting. BE BASKETBALL will help you work on your handles, your footwork, your strength, your conditioning and your understanding of the game ... even away from the indoor court!

At BE BASKETBALL we as passionate coaches have decided to focus on what we CAN control and find ways to continue bringing basketball to all of you at home! We want you all to stay motivated, in close contact with a basketball and most importantly stay in shape for when we return to the indoor courts … soon! So make sure to keep up-to-date with our motiviational Instagram posts and stories (, our weekly email communications and these Time-Out articles over the coming days/weeks that will help spread positivity and support to the whole #BE_FAMILY!!

Let’s use this time effectively to find new ways of achieving our old common goal: Getting Better! See you soon everybody! - Coach V

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