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In 2012, Ben Smith & Eric Gardow met in Doha, Qatar and quickly forged an extremely successful working relationship as they uncovered a mutual love for teaching the game of basketball while also uncovering a shared purpose to impact peoples lives "one bounce at a time".

By 2015, Ben and Eric had directed several very successful basketball training programs across the Middle East and Asia and it was now time for their passionate vision to became their very own mission with a purpose.

BE BASKETBALL was created to drive basketball teaching to a higher level across Qatar, the Middle East and overseas, instilling confidence through great coaching thus allowing 
members to BE Themselves, BE Amazing, BE Strong, BE Better, BE Resilient... and to BE (the game of) BASKETBALL every single session. 
Today, BE BASKETBALL has grown into Qatar's leading basketball training program with over 500 active members.
The club is conveniently located within 8 international schools across all areas of the country, delivering many first-class programs such as dedicated weekly training sessions, competition leagues, academy team practices and after-school activities.

BE BASKETBALL also deliver regular seasonal international skills camps alongside partnering international campuses in Kenya, Sri Lanka, & Thailand AND is affiliated to a Top 5 American Basketball Academy - DME Academy.
BE BASKETBALL is a dedicated sports coaching program designed to train and educate people of all ages and abilities using fundamental and dynamic training techniques. These unique and innovative methods include many transferable multi-sport skills aimed to cater for everyone no matter what their age, ability, gender, background or sports interest. 
The following programs are delivered throughout the year within schools across Qatar:
•    BE BASKETBALL Weekly Training Program
•    Games & Leagues 
•    After School Activities (ECA’s)
•    BE BASKETBALL Skills Camps 
•    1:2:1 / Individual Workouts / Small Group Training
•    Qatar National Sports Day programs & International BE Skills Camps
BE BASKETBALL coaches come from all corners of the world and are experienced professionals who are qualified to the USA Basketball Gold Standard. Our staff have worked with some of the best coaching minds internationally such as Coach Don Showalter (Team USA U17s 10-time Gold medalist coach) and Ganon Baker (NBA Skills Trainer). BE BASKETBALL are also partnered with the NBA Store and deliver annual basketball skill clinics alongside NBA Legends and coaches. 

We are excited to continue bringing the best possible basketball training experience to the young people across Qatar and with our ever expanding international circuit, we strive to continue spreading passion, motivation and the best coaching methods available to as many individuals as possible! 

And in 2021 through the extremely successful work of BE BASKETBALL, we launched another first-class dedicated sports program for everyone; BE SOCCER. 

These high quality sports programs will be led by very experienced sports experts, adhering to the outstanding "BE" philosophy that w
ill further extend our successful academy training model to even more children & young people.

BE SPORTS strive to help as many people of all ages and abilities learn & enjoy playing sports alongside a team of experienced professional people who care about them and their goals (no matter how big or small).    


To deliver a top-tier sports coaching experience to people of all ages and abilities throughout Qatar and overseas that embraces teaching all the vital elements of being a great player, teammate and human BEing in the world.  

BE SPORTS are committed to developing standout people and leaders who will learn the values of working hard, having respect for others, being great teammates (in life), being coachable and mentally tough.  We believe these skills will help our members to enjoy playing sport, to pursue excellence (on and off the court/field), to overcome adversity, and to uplift every environment they are a part of. 

BE SPORTS strive to instill confidence and determination beyond sport. 
Our members will develop maturity, discipline and leadership skills that will last them a lifetime.
Our core values are based on teamwork, unity (family), sportsmanship, integrity and respect for one’s self and others.BE SPORTS aim to promote a positive image for our future leaders of tomorrow.



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