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At BE BASKETBALL we believe in rewarding members who show great character and demonstrate important life skills.

Sports skills are extremely important, however teaching life skill’s through sports is a centerpiece of our BE MISSION (


BE believe firmly that preparing our children for living in an ever-changing world is a great responsibility, and by showing them our admiration of the many vital character attributes they can acquire as Human Beings is a great accomplishment. 

With all that said, we are very proud to introduce the BE BASKETBALL Character Badges Rewards Program.

Each week during Term 3 2019, we will be awarding and recognizing those stand-out members who have demonstrated the following attributes within their groups:

- BE POSITIVE - optimism is a force multiplier and this award recognizes those who remain positive throughout their learning! 

- BE HARDWORKING - when tasks, new skills and moments prove difficult, this member will continue to give their best no matter what!

- BE BETTER - for improving their skill-set and becoming the best version of them-self within their peer group.   

- BEst ATTITUDE - an essential aspect in life development and integrity - this attribute will get you far in anything you do and is the real Gold Medal!  

We would love for you to share this message with your children, whether they are a BE Member or not and ask them which BE BADGE they would like to work towards and receive (and why)?


As mentioned above, we will be awarding members across the whole program (from 4 years to 18+) and are excited to recognize these vital life-skills within our basketball community. 

As always - thank you so much for all your valued and continuous support of our developing sports program here in Qatar!

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