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"MVP of the Month" BEgins!

Brand New & Exciting SEASON 4 Awards...

MVP of the Month 🤩 💪🏻 🏀 sponsored by Chevrolet + (and in association with the NBA Store & Gravity Cafe) starts this month!

We are honoured to announce that our Community Sponsor, Chevrolet will be awarding two members each month this season (one boy & one girl) as the Most Valuable Players of the Month across the whole program, throughout our 7 International School venues.

🔈 The recognised BE BASKETBALL athletes will receive a certificate, custom-made MVP trophy and BE private workout voucher!

🔈 A 25% gift voucher for use at any Gravity Cafe across Doha!

🔈 AND... gift vouchers from our Partners at the NBA Store Doha 🤩

>> Stay Tuned‼️👀

Next week we will announce our first MVPs of Season 4 at their practice sessions!

Let’s goooooooooo!! 😅🏀💪🏻⛹🏼‍♂️⛹🏾‍♀️

BE • your • BEst VISIT: EMAIL:

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