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Visiting our American partners!

From Doha to Florida - this July, three coaches from BE SPORTS travelled to Daytona Beach to experience the DME Academy Summer Camp!

DME Academy is one of America's top performing sports academies, who offer life changing opportunities for international student-athletes to study and compete in the US.

Over the last 3 years, BE BASKETBALL have sent 20 players to DME's intense Summer Camps (with AAU exposure and unmatched training routines). Furthermore 3 students from Doha transferred from Qatar to finish off their High School senior year in Florida with DME and have since graduated and found US College basketball positions with good academic programs.

Now we are thrilled to announce our affiliation covers basketball & soccer expanding the opportunities for anyone in Qatar to experience American school and sport life. This is the perfect option for students in Doha thinking of the US for schooling. Now they can experience it first-hand before needing to commit, alongside BE SPORTS.

Not only that, DME Academy will visit Doha with BE SPORTS every year and deliver a showcase training camp (next one to be arranged Feb 2024 at ACS Doha).

Ben Smith, CEO & Founder of BE SPORTS said:

"We created this pipeline from Doha to the USA for young people in the Middle East region to experience what its like to study & play sports in America - which is quite unique! The transition from Qatar to the outside world can be quite scary, and this platform allows young people the chance to soak it up before graduating to University or College. We are delighted to offer such a program to ALL passionate student-athletes across Qatar, and hope it continues to provide our community with more life-changing opportunities."

For more information about the amazing opportunities with BE SPORTS & DME Academy, please contact us today:


Featured right image, Yousef Ayman from Doha transferred to DME and concluded his High School Senior Year at the academy with a Div II US College position in Pennsylvania.

DME Academy

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