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BE Sports brought the students with the whole family together on a day full of exciting games of basketball and soccer - simply lots of fun together.

It was dads and daughters, mums and sons, siblings and coaches together – great memories and lots and lots of fun, is how we spent our Saturday at the BE Sports festival, family day event.  Attended by hundreds of players from all of the schools of BE Sports basketball and soccer with their families and friends, everyone had an amazing time whether participating, cheering or spectating.

The ACS massive hall at the Sports Centre was divided into several basketball courts and football pitches where matches were held simultaneously.  From family vs family, mixed students, parents and coaches teams, parents vs children, soccer and basketball mums displaying their skills to All Dads vs All Stars, the atmosphere was filled with enjoyment, thrill, roaring cheers and laughter all around.  The basketball players got to try their skills at soccer too and the same with soccer players who tried their best “shots” at basketball as well.

They say sports is more than just a game, it brings the community together – this is certainly what BE Sports made us experience this day.  Players got to meet for the first time,  or their friends who are training in other schools, whilst parents enjoyed not just participating in the matches but also mingling and sharing cheers with other parents. Everybody was in great mood and high energy, and played well whether pros or just played for the first time.  Cheered for the same or opposite sides.  Either way is a bonding experience and we enjoyed the excitement together.

From Coach Ed “I would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to the fun.  It is the first time we brought everybody together both soccer and basketball, and it just proves even more that BE Sports is a family. The turn out made us more inspired to do this better and more frequently in the next season”

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