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BE HELPFUL - Volunteer Program officially launches in SEASON 6!

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for a top international basketball academy?

Our very successful BE Helpful Volunteer Program has already began to offer multiple youngsters in the community an opportunity to giveback while also getting valuable job experience working for a leading basketball academy!

Not to mention students earning essential credits towards your future goals in higher education 🤩

Exciting opportunities relating to interesting roles at BE BASKETBALL include:

🏀 Assistant Coaching

📱 Social Media

💡 Marketing &

📸 Photography

Every member will be part of a growing team of volunteers who (at the end of each term and on successful completion of their volunteering services) will have a signed Certificate of Achievement and a Letter of Recommendation. These extremely helpful items assist in college applications, future job applications and work opportunities.

BE BASKETBALL have most recently been working alongside the NBA, Chevrolet and expanding its basketball coaching programs overseas. There are many aspects of coaching, business development and marketing involved in such a program and volunteer assistance is something we truly value from our very talented community pool of senior students.

For more information about our exciting volunteering program this season at BE BASKETBALL, please email us today:

Let’s work together! ✊🏼🏀🏆

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