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BE a Fan!

In our very first news feature called “COACH V's TIMEOUT”, Coach Vitor from Brazil writes about a habit he thinks is lacking here in Doha, Qatar!

Today we will talk about "Watching Basketball"!

Hey everybody Coach V here - If you’re reading this, you probably like basketball. But let me ask you something…when was the last time you watched a full professional basketball game? Live or on TV, it doesn’t matter!

We, at BE BASKETBALL, are very fortunate to have such passionate members who give us their all at every session and we love it! But now I would like to encourage you all to stay in contact with the beautiful game we love once you leave the court. Whether its for the fun and the excitement of a local match in Doha, or for the energy and highlights of the NBA or to learn from the best in world in some of FIBA’s international competitions – there is always something to take from watching basketball.

Especially if you play it!

In today’s modern world it’s so easy to stay in touch with what’s happening around the game of basketball. We have Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channels and so on and so on…

There are numerous platforms for all types of viewers.

If you'd like to get started on this fun challenge but are not yet ready to jump into the basketball world too deeply/too fast, maybe follow a couple of basketball pages on social media or watch some star player’s “Top 10 Plays of the Day”.

If you want more information, maybe subscribe to a relevant podcast and keep up with news, rumors, and interviews about your favorite basketball personalities and teams.

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a way to stay in touch with it. But whatever your main channel is, I still simply advise: WATCH SOME LIVE GAMES!!!

All effort is valid and all contact with the sport is positive but nothing beats the feeling of keeping up with the makes and misses, strategies and highlights of a full exciting live game of basketball!

BE a viewer, BE a follower, BE A FAN and enjoy my challenge!

- I’d love to hear form you on this subject so please feel free to reply below and leave a comment – or even come up to me during our next workout and lets chat more about the beautiful game we love - basketball!

- Coach V

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