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Our very successful BE ROOKIES - Development Program is for beginner and intermediate level players (aged 8 - 13 years) who require specific fundamental skill training along with game play education.
This program is designed to provide children and young people the opportunity to learn new basketball skills in a fun and instructional environment while developing an understanding of how to play basketball. Members are divided by age and ability, and can attend weekly classes at convenient locations across Qatar (see below).

Each session combines individual development, group skill stations, shooting mechanics, functional (motor) movements and conditioning. The program is suitable for any player looking to improve their overall game and enjoyment of playing basketball. This unique program is tailored to the majority of our athletes and focuses on Triple Threat (passing/shooting/dribbling) fundamentals in a fun yet structured format.
Our BE ROOKIES program is conveniently situated across campuses throughout Doha.
Please contact us today to enroll in our very popular BE BASKETBALL program:
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