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Corporate Health Workshops / Qatar National Sports Day Initiatives
BE BASKETBALL are dedicated to providing everyone with first-class opportunities to achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle including organizations throughout Qatar.
Companies who invest in sporting, recreational and social inclusion opportunities for their workforce reap numerous benefits such as enhancing the employee community, building a more productive and healthy team, reduce workforce absenteeism and maximizing team-building and motivational opportunities.
Company sport is regarded as a much more influential channel than the arts; reaching and engaging with more people from across the entire social and demographic spectrum. 
BE BASKETBALL understand how important it is that company senior management invest in a (CSR) cause and sport which has a synergy with the organization’s own mission statement and values as well as its products and services.
BE BASKETBALL can provide a transferable sports/physical activity program, which includes a multi-sport approach that will directly link into your organization's vision, key mesaages and values. Our experienced and professional sports coaches will deliver a bespoke package that exceeds the needs and expectations of your company’s CSR strategy and objective
For more information about how BE Basketball can provide a tailored team building event, a CSR package and help your business to become more productive and healthy, please contact us directly to arrange a meeting:
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