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Our BE Rising Stars program is the perfect place for our intermediate boys and girls to continue their learning of important fundamental skills and also (now) how best to utilize and exploit them in a game situations. 

Our Rising Stars will have twice a week training that will include player positioning, team structure and effective tactics along with detailed teaching of basketball "actions". Our bitesize "actions" approach to educating our young passionate players will allow them to fully comprehend common basketball tactics such as screens, backdoor cuts and man-to-man defense. 

These important basketball game skills and knowledge, coupled with allocated weekly individual skill development will now allow our members to compete internally throughout our BE BASKETBALL program alongside our other teams and also have the opportunity to experience friendly fixtures with other local basketball clubs in Qatar.     
Our BE RISING STARS program is conveniently situated across campuses throughout Doha.
Please contact us today to enroll in our very popular BE BASKETBALL program:
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