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Vitor Guarino is a young, hard working and passionate basketball coach from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Coach V  brings of lot of energy and detail to our program and loves the game of basketball. 

Qualifications & accreditations:
-    Graduate in Physical Education (UFRJ) University of Brazil. 
-    USA Basketball Gold License Coach 
-   Certificates and background in personal training and psychomotricity
Coach V's recent professional achievements:
-    Over 6 years as college basketball Head Coach for men and women
-    Coached every age from the fundamental level of youth basketball to assisting in
     pro teams throughout Brazil.  
-    Established his own personal training program in Brazil called "Guarino
     Skills Development" where he continues to inspire and motivate players of all
     ages and abilities throughout the summer.
-    3 years of international coaching experience 
-    Assisted the development and organization of basketball camps and
     skill clinic across Rio (Brazil) and the U.S.  
Coach V continues to develop himself as a leader on the court by studying the latest training systems available, adding value to the BE Basketball program across the board. He strives to become a better person and coach each day, which is something all our members can take inspiration from. 
BE are very lucky to have him on board with us in Doha, Qatar! 

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