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This is where our most competitive players learn, excel, experiment and grow!

Chosen (All-Star) BE RUGBY members will attend weekly rugby team practices. During the duration of the term, players will experience intense training sessions and live game competitions alongside other rugby clubs and organizations throughout Qatar.

We also identify for Qatar National Team scouting, recruitment and selection at this level of the program. 

Appropriate for boys aged 16 to 21+ and girls aged 15 to 19+.

Even at our final stage of our carefully designed BE READY Player Pathway we do not neglect the importance of the vital fundamentals that has been covered extensively throughout our program. Practice sessions become centered on transitioning all skills learned and delivering them with confidence in a game environment with a specific focus on planning, executing, evaluating and repeating that process. 

Our All Star members are educated about the crucial importance of 'Recovery', especially focussed on off-the-pitch recovery (creating at-home positives habits). These important habits and newly understood skills will help increase intensity and physicality of both the players' training and competition performance.

Skills become more specialised and position specific with physical, cognitive and emotional development all part of a player’s program.

Players here will also begin to express themselves creatively through their decision-making process of game management including tactics through the use of game and player analysis.

Players will also be encouraged to further their development by subscribing to relevant rugby courses such as refereeing and coaching Level 1. Thereafter many opportunities across our very own BE RUGBY academy and international schools programs can be made available to our aspiring members, further expanding their connection to the game. 
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