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Beginner U3s

The Under 3 Beginner provides your child with the perfect introduction to sport with energizing and fun activities. 

We aim to deliver the finest experience that is best suited to the needs 
of each of our youngest players by teaching fundamental sporting techniques & elementary life skills in a lively, group play environment.

As part 
of our Beginner program we require parent participation as we believe that to maximize a toddler’s potential in sport it is key to have parents involved throughout the session at this age to enhance their early learning.

There is no better way to start your child’s sporting journey other than supporting, participating with and cheering on your child 

while they achieve their first success on the move!

All Under 3 Beginner members attend our carefully designed 30 minute pressure free structured play sessions. 


I can't wait to meet you & help you
get better this season!

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